Thoughts Concerning Life


Tribulations of young life start out bright

Yet the other kids didn't see the same light

You start out to believe everything will be alright

What they aren't taught is how to fight

Somebody needs to teach them about this life

That things are not to be received without strife

Without motivation and effort you're life is ceased

The generation needs to fight back by decree

Young man or woman nothing falls from the trees

So wake up and make everyday worth living

Even if you lose something its still the gift of giving

You see life is about your outlook

I didn't get mine from reading a book 

I found it inside my body coursing through like a brook

And it is inside you too so do not be shook

Transforming from boy to man or girl to woman may be hard

But the sad truth is that adulthood is hard

So please listen to my promise

Work hard now and life will be honest


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