Thoughts can consume your life

The thoughts in your mind can consume your life. 

They can cause more damage than a gun or a knife. 

The difference between thoughts and weapons, 

Is one ends it all and the other, you have to live with. 

Whether in the back of your mind or acknowledged

The thoughts in your mind can consume your life. 

You like that dress, you think it's cute? 

Don't even try it's too pretty for you.

That perfect angle to show beautiful bliss? 

Just stop trying you'll always look like this. 

The hate in your mind never loses light. 

The thoughts in your mind can consume your life. 

The thoughts can kill if you let them. 

But the brightness of your smile is brighter than the cuts. 

The intelligence you radiate is stronger than the fear. 

The fear of never being enough is no longer here 

because you are yourself and no one can compare. 

The demons you drown will never resurface

the tears you've shed will all be worth it. 

Fight the urge to hide the pain 

and let the words flow out like rain

let the water run from your mouth 

because pain is easier to withstand when it's let out. 

Don't confuse mistakes with destiny

your successes define you leave the rest to be. 

I am more than the problems I create. 

I am more than the sum of my past mistakes. 

My thoughts don't hold me and I may fail. 

but I will fight and work. 

I will Prevail. 

The battles you've lost are not worth the stife

because I will not let thoughts consume my life. 

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