Tue, 05/07/2013 - 17:03 -- Andre_X


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The true power within a man his ability to understand the world through knowledge and through experience. All these things are distorted like a broken mirror, by the people who have the mindset that shooting a ball or scoring a touchdown is more important is the only thing accepted.Our dreams are shot down by reality, not everybody can shoot threes, rap a verse, or score touchdowns. Damn When will the day come when women are treated like the queens that they are, when brothas can rise up and take they roles as fathers, and turn back the tides of the stereo types they use to continue to tie us down, tie us down. We should make an attempt at being like the Malcoms, the Martins, the Du Bois and even the Booker T's. Child support, welfare prison and drugs don't define us. Its up to us to attest it to the rest.


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