Those are my dreams, goals, and future.


I want to fly,
To cruise in the sky.
To go up so high,
And just fly by.
It's a feeling I can't explain,
To dream of flying a plane.
It could entertain,
Just by being on the air lane.
I cannot deny this feeling!
Seriously it's not so concealing;
Flying in the sky is utterly appealing!
It's just all I've been dreaming!

Oh dear but that's not true.
I've dreamed of policing too!
Because what is a country without it's law being enforced?
The citizens would surely be in a terrible course!
With crime after crime,
This country would be gone in no time!
That's why we have police men,
They go on and make amends.
With that I want to serve and protect,
To make everything right and to prefect. 

Those are my dream jobs,
My goals,
And my future.


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