Thirteen Ways of Looking at Woman


Along the many empty streets,

The only object in motion

Is the hair of the woman.


I was of three men

Like the features of her body

For which there are three major parts.


Her breath mystifies in the wind

It was a part of the Earth’s air.


Her beauty and her grace

Are one,

Just as the love of man and woman

Are one.


Yet I know not which I prefer;

The spirit in which she arouses within me

Or the heart beat in which she steadily increases

The woman before

Or after beauty fades.


Her aroma fills the nostrils of man’s soul

With the smell of seductiveness.

The perfume of the goddess Venus

Flowing through the breath of the earth,

Exhaled long ago

Her form shaped

By His Mighty hands,

Her innate benevolence.


O wise eyes of paradise,

Why do you not acknowledge what your eyes see?

Are you oblivious to the woman’s grace?

It slips through the minds

Of the men about you.


I know the beauty in nature

And the grace in which the wind blows the flowery fields

But I also know

What the woman has taught me

And what is known has been shown by her.


When her presence is gone

It marks an ending

Of one of few women like her.


At the sight of her eyes

Glistening in the sunlight

Every living male creature pauses

And bows down.


He once travelled across the world

In various modes of transportation,

He met another woman along the way

And mistook her misleading sway

As The Woman that he had seen in a previous day.


The world is in rotation

She must be on the move.


It was Feliz Navidad all year

It was cold

And it was going to get colder

Yet the woman’s hair alone,

Was the only thing moving throughout the empty streets.

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This poem was originally assigned as homework, we had to pick a poem , and kind use its format as inspiration.

I chose Wallace Steven's "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird", a beautiful piece of literature.

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