Thinking about it like this

I walk with no fear in my city

fear is a feeling just not within me

though sometimes I get weary, I weep in silence


I just want to be great girl, that's what I'll say 

I need no lights, nothing sparkling

give me a hospital tag that reads my name, next to it says Doctor maybe Nurse

while youre at it give me a piece of property

a luxurious building with no land lord

for I am the lord of that land and all documents are to be signed with my hand

save my proceeds and distribute them to a working family of six

Mother and Father that break their neck to pay the rent


I just want to be great girl, thats what I'll say to three shadows of mine

looking up to me with those eager eyes

I can not fail
I can not detour from this road that I'm on

although the expectations I'm held to weigh a ton 

I am strong

Is it okay to not be strong?

Whatever, my pride's built of iron

I walk with no fear

fear is a feeling that is just not within me

I dont care about setbacks

I just wanna be great girl, that's what I'll say to you

Enough of saying it, that's what I'll do

This poem is about: 
My family


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