Thinkin' Bout You

Once we parted ways

Of course I've been thinking 

Thinking of sinking into what we had once more 

Thinking of looking you in the eyes 

And getting los in the chambers of your pupils 

Like they are the black clouds that will cradle me the days it gets hard to breathe 

When i feel like leaving this planet 

And making my own 

Until i remember that's too much work

It would be too hard for me to create dirt

Watching it disperse under a being; a society of people like me 

Who want nothing more than to fall 

Back into an embrace of someone that was once theirs

And are now too afraid to wear their heart of their sleeve 

Too afraid that once they connect with someone they'll leave 

Causing them to become cripple, change colors and fall like a leaf in the fall

Dead of fall, we all fall for autumn 

Cuz that's the way it's supposed to be

And here I am trying to see what it is about you 

That won't let me forget what it's like to press reset 

Yet, I'm unable to do so

Cuz i been thinkin' bout ya 

Oh no no no 

Do ya think about me still?

In the still of the night

Do you fight like i do for memories of what we had

For a fragment of the past 

For a piece of what you thought would last 

Is presently feasible vulnerability on this stage 

And I'm afraid to say 

That what once was a duet 

Is now two seperate solos 

What once was a pirrouette 

Is now A group of shattered woes 

And as i held your hand 

Noticing that our fingers fit like puzzle pieces 

But our heartbeats weren't quite in sync 

I'm delighted that I didn't end up sinking 

Back into my thoughts of you

For what I know to be true 

Is thinking of you only causes morning dew

To find its place on my cheeks 

And I know they'd run a marathon for weeks 

Making me weak for you 

Making me speak for you 

I do...think about you 

But not because I want to


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