Think Like a Shrink

To be almost anything means to

have seen almost everything.

A nice and quiet life you say?

Tell it to the pain and turmoil here to stay.

Looking into the eyes of another,

 all the while trying to rid the pain of a mother.

Although the greater pain is not mine,

there is no peace until all is set in due line.

Sometimes envy cannot help but follow,

a young girl with a heart-pit so hollow.

Hollow from the inside, seemingly never-ending,

putrid with the intolerance and hate a world is sending.

Yes, keep laughing for the struggle is real,

but don't judge the tearing-pain you cannot hope to seal.

What is it like to walk so calmly down the street,

when your heart can barely make you get on your feet?

I have not the answer to issues for all,

but as a shrink those may just turn small.

The shrink is not like a band-aid,

to merely cover up wounds someone else carelessly made.

It's about helping the person extract the moral salve

to turn off the purging pain-well valve.

The shrink knows that they are a guide,

giving the client proper tools and fighting at their side.

The shrink will aim at providing guiding candor,

through the mostly dim emotions the client will meander.

A battle may be an arduous, difficult one,

yet that signifies not the war should be lost when all is done.

To find any destination in a foreign land,

one almost always needs a compass and a helping hand.

A compass or map will not miraculously take you somewhere,

but it will allow for active involvement and a solution to bear.

So, shrinks are more like a refreshing map,

guiding a troubled patient to a spring for a solution to uncap.

Why make the journey alone,

when your closest person wants only happiness for you to hone?

I am not a psychiatrist yet,

but I can surely bet,

that when the time comes to help another,

I know it will be I who helps my mother.





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