Things that make me Happy

Things that make me happy are those little things in life.


Quiet mornings 

Rainy days

Warm coffee mugs 

Wet nosed, doggy kisses

Whiskers on cats and mice

Holding hands 


Friends that make you laugh

Warm blankets

Clean sheets


Shall I go on?

The list is quite extensive.


Things that make me happy are those little things.

Things people take for granted are the things that I cherish.

Those little things that people do,

a random act of kindnes.


Make my heart go pitter-patter and joy fills me up from my toes.

Smile at me and you will see

a blush of happness cross my face

and that same pitter-patter my heart will make

and joy will creep up from my toes.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

like the fact of the simplicity in your expression where small things gives you happiness

great all around work itself

why not promote your poems to mvp group

We Dream of Stars

I didnt know that was a thing... I will try that.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i encourage my students to be different and stand out

let your poetry reflect who you are and blossom like your homepage

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