Things I Want More Of

My mom

My best friend, laughing with her, eating too many cookies.

Watching sweet Audrey grow, change, explore.

Starbucks coffees to cure bad days.

Time with Emma and Haley.

My boyfriend, his laugh, him calling me love.

Music blasting, balming my soul.

Diet coke kisses, chickfila kisses, hell more kisses.

Learning, languages, discovering.

Miowa hugs.

Playing with Jordan's hair.

Horseback riding.

Playing around with my aunts and uncles.

Travel, mission trips.

Italian food.


Summer car rides.

Sleep overs.



Roo cup slushies.

Sun bathing.

Summer in general.

Hilton Head trips.

Sessions with Leah.

Money, shopping.

Writing, pretty journals.

Dressing up, doing makeup.

Victorias Secret stuff.


Wrapping presents.

Time with Cielito.

Service, giving back.

Reading good books.

Hard to give up when theres so many things you want more of

This poem is about: 
My family


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