things are changing


Theres no rhyme or reason just changing seasons pondering, thinking without a doubt why am I so fearful without a route no where to go, no where to hide time is running out, I don't like this ride I wonder what if what if I could leave to leave these seasons and the trees to push through the barrier and finally be free im helpless, homeless, and shirtless where would you go? My heart aches at the thought of just leaving for good to be with my loved ones up there, I should my cries are silent, my rage is fearful I just want out, help im not here though... this isn't me im not living i roam the ground but im not giving no money in my pocket no place to call home what would you do if all you did was roam  I promise ill do right, I just need that last chance, that bit of hope, I cant, I just can't the seasons are changing and I'm rearranging you wont find me here nor there I know you dont care so just let me be, you can find me up there.

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