The thing that people see


What do people see in me? With my short hair and light brown skin, even though it's covered with mystery and stillness. I still what to know. Is it the way I talk, the way I walk, or the way I gently amuse others. I'm not sure? Most of the time, my darkness covers my face, allowing only others to see me , the way I want them too. I may come off as nice and sweet , but people won't be able to know the real me for a while. I don't get to comfortable with me people because they can change over time just like any plant or flower would in a blink of an eye. I believe a mystery is a good thing, not letting people know the true you is exactly what I aim for. If you let people know the real you, they will twist it,straighten it, and devour it and hand it back to you. I've been taught to much, and have seen too much to know that , that isn't right. With my cool sense of urgency and independence, I strive for excellence wherever I go, silently competing with myself I continue to discover the battles within me. My trus self isn't what people see but what's only to be heard from me.



I hope you guys enjoy this piece from me

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