Thing Called Us (Female Version)©


Verse 1:

Boy I don’t understand
So please help me understand
Why you push me away (from you)
I’ve been the best girl I can
Remember I reached out my hand when I saw you were bruised (oh-oo-ohh)
From then on you had my heart
I never thought that we would be apart 
You fixed my damaged love
Now you want us to let go
(I’m still hurting)


It’s killing me to be away from you
After all the stuff that we've been through
Now you wanna say that we’re through 
Baby I know that we’re not done 
How can you let go of this thing called us

Verse 2:

I know that you still love me 
And you know that I still love you
So why are we going through (all of this mess)
I know you’re thinking you’re helping me 
But baby you’re hurting 
I got a hole in my chest (oh-oo-oh)
Boy you know that my love is here to stay
It don’t matter what anybody has to say
Boy we’ve been together for so long
We just need to stay strong 
(I am Hurting)


Verse 3:

Boy you were the only one that came and broke down my wall
You had me open
Had me believing in love again
And now you wanna take all that away
And I don’t wanna love again
(I know) that you love me
(And you) don’t wanna hurt me
(But we) can’t give up on
(What we've) worked so hard for
We belong together
So let’s stay, stay together


-The Moon Owl™


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