They're Just Stories

It was after the worst friendship breakup of my life

When I found you along the shelves in the old high school building. 

You sat there, collected dust, and sighed in waiting.

Waiting for someone to pick you up and read you from cover to cover.

I thought I would give you a chance. Just a simple book that talked about fae and mortals.


I never knew a book could wreck me so wholly, and utterly devastate me in the same way.

Reading you was an answer to a question I’d had my entire life. The characters in the story brought me back to life as I found solace between the pages of your story. It seemed like you breathed a little bit of my soul back into me. 


Some would say you were just a silly book. Some would probably say “the book wasn’t even that good.” 


But to me… you were the muse to me dreams and hopes. You were the muse to my aspirations in life. You made me realize that there is a whole other world out there ready for the taking, and all I will ever have to do to access that beautiful, fascinating, and poetic world is




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