They Named Her "OCD"

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The words burned into my mind

Staggered all the time, they fed way to no grind

OCD they called it, OCD we named her

Why is she here,

Why is she there,

I was no longer upbeat, childhood repressed as a pleasant memory

Why can't I do, what I once could?


Again, again, again.

The words curbed my mind

Stagnation came before realization

OCD they called it, OCD we named her

I came to see what OCD made me believe,

She foretold,

She exclaimed,

But she makes one suffer so...

Is this her way of saying, "You've got to get tougher?"


Once more, once more, once more.

She blurred my definition to depend on absolute repetition

OCD they called it, OCD they named her

You're not who you once were,

She warned,

Consumed with her selfish vigor,

You have to take charge, reconsider,

The child must be omitted in order to cast aside one's blind side,

This is simply a task that has been assigned to mature further.


You've got to get tougher, You've got to get tougher, You've got to get tougher

I forced the words into my mind

OCD they called it, OCD they called it

Grow up and see that it is in your scope of proximity,

She bashed

She harassed,

She never once tried to lose grasp

Soon it faded,

It thwarted,


Become undistorted and realize,

It was only a title.

OCD they called it. OCD they called it.


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