They Are Like Old Friends

Brokenness is crumbling, cracked blue

It sounds like pottery carelessly shattered on tiled floors.

It smells like a dry, humid summer day.

It tastes like a freshly squeezed lime, biting into teeth.

Brokenness feels like a scratchy woolen blanket.


Humbleness is pale, awed nude.

It sounds like a buzzing alarm clock stuffed under a sleepy pillow.

It smells like bright honeysuckles, dazzling in the sun.

It tastes like fresh coconut water on a hot dry day.

Humbleness feels like a gentle spring breeze, cooling the soul.


Love is shaded, rainbow black.

It sounds like the clashing of swords in battle.

It smells like rich dark chocolate.

It tastes like peppermint, opening up the senses.

Love feels like struggling.



All three I have felt.

 All three I have seen.

All three I have breathed in and out.

They are like three old friends.

No matter how far away you go, they’re always there for you.


Cassidy Small

Thank you :)

Yes, i know. This was a piece our creative writing teacher had us write. It's called a similie poem. I have more advanced things that I've written.

Thanks for the tip though!

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