they are heroes

they are heroes
heroes in discreet
they are the heroes no one notices
and no one will notice,but they are heroes
whether it is today or tomorrow
they will not be noticed,
but they are heroes and will always be heroes
the small things they do everyday will save a small number of people
however, one small thing one day, and another small thing another day will be two small things
those two small things and another small thing will be three small things
in the end all the small things add up to big things
and all those big things is what makes them a hero
they are heroes
whether they do small things or big things
it all adds up and makes them the heroes they are
so do a small thing and be a hero
be a hero for that one person you want to do a small thing for
be a hero for that one person that will smile when you do
but if nothing else, be a hero for yourself

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