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Fuck, I'm a worthless piece of shit
My enemy is myself and I'm a prisoner of my own mind
I feel as if I'm a disappointment to everyone
I don't blame them
If I was them I'd give up on me also
I'm a fucking hard headed idiot
I want someone to live in the deepest part of my mind where all the bad thoughts are so they can
stop them like a dream catcher before I feel the pain
I mean who was I kidding? No one would ever fall in love with me, that's just stupid
I see beauty in everything, but me
When you weren't just a star to me, you were my whole damn sky
I always try to make people happy so they never feel as shitty as I do
Curiosity killed my innocence
Over thinking killed my happiness
Insecurities killed my self esteem
Lies killed my trust
Stereotypes killed my individuality
Hurt killed my heart
And judgement killed me
The pain is inevitable
I'm a nuisance, so I hear
I know every thing happens for a reason
Sometimes I just wonder why I happened because as of right now, I have no reason
I guess all I'm saying is, truth is I have no inner strength to keep me stable



This is a very strong poem, because you don't hold back your emotions, which is exactly what writing poetry is about. You are a great poet and you shouldn't let other people's opinions of you affect how you think of yourself-definitely keep writing poetry.


thank you so much


Wow you're definitely a great writer! Love all of the emotion in this poem, it's like you just let go and write not caring about what anyone else's like amazingly honest. My only advice is don't be so hard on yourself because you're probably a really great person:)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i sense anger

yet i can feel your emotional cry behind this poem

use poetry/spoken word as a tool to express yourself with such enpowerment that no one will take it from you.

keep writing

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