These four walls

These four walls that help enclose the "problem children"

20 at a time

They try to discipline us by trying to keep us awake with random school work

Old horrible magazines and of course the constant reminder of why we are in here

We get it!

8 hours of complete silence for some may go insane with just the thought of being quiet

for I, I feel trapped as if i was in a jail cell and these were my cell mates

Not all get along but we have no choice

"LOOK STRAIGHT, HEADS UP,DO SOME WORK" the teacher repeats like a broken record

As the incompetent students just sit and stair as if they dint have a clue as to what he was saying

For what reason is this jail cell necessary sure its not the worst but damn its boring

Time goes by so slow as if it was covered in molasses 

I've learned not to constantly look and stair at the clock

Its hard to stay awake when its so silent you could hear a pin drop

You think to yourself just a few more hours

then soon the hours come to minutes 

Minutes turn in to seconds 

And then

Your Out!


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