These Are The Words



These are the words
These are the words that are thrown around so carelessly in the halls of my school
These are the words

*** **** ***** ***** ******* ****
These are the words I am terrified to say
But hear on a daily basis followed by
“It’s just a joke”

Is it?

I wonder if you know about the girl who cries herself to sleep every night
or about the boy who hung himself last week
because “it was just a joke.”

You spit these words onto your next victim
and the venom from your bite
sinks in s  l  o  w  l   y

Your ego is too big for you to care
Or notice
The empty desks where he/she/they once sat

Who did this to you?
Who hurt you so badly that you cannot respect others?
Who murdered innocence


These are the words that remain long after everything else has vanished
These are the words that are drenched in poison
These are the words.


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