There's Something

There's something

Always has been

From the moment

You said



There's something

In her smile

In her eyes

That say

Whatever comes

From this 

Is gonna be awhile


There's something

When I see through

These thick clouds

The way she looks

The way she already feels

It's like my body

Can predict

The places she'll touch

In our future


There's something

In those gypsy eyes

That hypnotize


But in a delicious way

How expressive they are

No one's looked at me

That way


There's something

With her mouth

That makes me 

Stop thinking

Whether she's talking

Blowing kisses


Or moaning

Fuck, that mouth of hers


There's something

About her heart and soul

That I've never 

Heard before

And I'm hearing my heart

Saying "I want this"


And my mind

Is rollng its eyes

As it rolls the tapes

Of past failures 

Of past heartbreaks


But when I tear

My eyes away

And the sound fades

I see her


There's something

This poem is about: 



I honestly love this. It makes me want to copy it down and just read over and over...


Thank you!!! :3 And I don't mind if you do it'd be a lot easier than having to come back to in on this website over and over!

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