Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military


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Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military?
The military is the heart, soul, and backbone of this glorious country we call America. It is the epitome of our country’s history and revolution. Our military has evoked years of pride in the minds of the American people. It is the very foundation on which we as the people can be liberal, and live our lives in such a way that is gratifying to us. America is a country where its people can wake up every day and make decisions for themselves, and not have to worry about being executed for doing so. This is because of the undying passion that our military has for us as the United States of America. These freedoms, opportunities, and choices that we frequently take for granted, have been fought for by the courageous, and admirable men and women that serve in our military. These men and women are our mother, sisters, fathers, and brothers and to the world they are heroes. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to devote and dedicate their lives to protect and preserve the welfare of America. It’s a shame that often times as America we take the military for granted. We forget that our military itself is one of the reasons we are the strongest and most powerful country in the world. Our military is the reason why people from other countries fight so hard to come to this country to be able to live the lives we live. There are people in other countries that wake up every day in fear of their government and military, because it has destroyed the very place they call home, but we in America can lay our heads down at night in assurance that our freedom is our own. There is a great deal of pride that comes with serving in the military, whether it be the holidays, the handshakes, the hugs, the salutes, or a simple “thank you”, much opulence is received from such simple and gracious gestures. As a child growing up with two military parents I have always felt proud and honored to have two soldiers as my parents. I have witnessed for myself the pride that my parents as soldiers have appreciated over the years. Even though my parents are now retired they still have a love for this country that is beyond measurable. Each and every day my parents faithfully fly our nation’s flag in front of our house to symbolize to them and the world that this country is their home, and there is no place they would rather be, and they will always support and defend this country. Pride is a state of mind, it’s something that is felt from one’s own achievement, and progression. Military men and women spend years of their lives giving themselves up, and enduring years of depression, time away from family, missing birthdays and holidays all because they have such a deeply rooted sense of pride in their country and will do anything to secure and insure its well being and safety. They as regular people choose to display their patriotism in the most dignified way, by sacrificing themselves for every fellow American. Could you imagine yourself serving an entire country of people that you do not even know? Well these men and women could and did without a single hesitation, and in my eyes that is the definition of pride. Other countries such as Korea, Japan, Iraqi, and Afghanistan have their own military, but what sets us apart is the fact that we can come together and give our military the support they need to endure the hardships that comes along with their selfless service, which in turn motivates our military to press on during trying times. All of us as Americans, not just soldiers have a sense of pride. If someone asked each and every one of us where we would be if we could live anywhere in the world, all of us would say right here in America, where we are absolutely free to dream, hope, aspire, accomplish, work, make decisions, but most importantly free to just live and be who we are. Being in the military is not a must, it is a choice made by a person with enough pride to die for their country’s freedom, than to live in a country with no freedom. I believe pride is what this nation is built on, it’s in our blood as Americans to be prideful, and our military is just another reflection of that. Where would America be without a prideful military? Would we be another country where people are depressed, stressed, and oppressed. That’s a thought that often crosses my mind. Does it ever cross yours? As Americans it should cross all of our minds, because here we stand in a decade long war, and sure our military men and women are quite weary and tired, but yet still they continue in spite of, because their pride in this country is greater than any fear of war they could possible ponder. With a nation as strong as ten nations, with a military with a pride exuberant enough to fight any war, and its people that can come together with a power stronger than any other nation in the world, America will continue to grow, conquer, and exceed all else. Our nation’s military is and will always be the strongest, most powerful, and most importantly the proudest. May God bless all who have served, all that are serving, and the ones that will serve.


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