There Once Was A Place


There was once a place
I could go to
speak my heart
but people wouldn't mind.
Our best friends
were always there for us
smiling, laughing, playing.
Riding bikes
in the rain and
running in sprinklers.
We had a secret
that only we knew
about. And we climbed
and climbed more.
We also liked
to jump.
We liked to run and
play games.
We played with a
comedian who 
didn't know it. She
was kind.
She made us
More than ever before.
Life was 
beautiful. Like it never
could be
And times
changed. Over and
over and over.
We left that place,
that life that
once was ours.
I will always
that place. Because
it is beautiful.
Though only 
a memory,
it is still with me
like now.


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