There Is Hope.

There... is hope for you, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but just in case you haven’t listen closely to these words.

THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU! He’s called Jesus Christ! And if you want any prove at all then let me share some of my life.

You see, I’m no pastor’s kid and I didn’t grow up on a church pew. I lived a life filled with poison and being a slave to the world was all that I knew.

I was surrounded by drugs by the age of sixteen, I was living the fast life... I... was living for me.

I used to take puffs every day just trying to stay high, putting a smile on my face that behind held a lie.

A lie that told others that I was truly happy but every time I looked in that mirror, I saw more and more that there was something I was lacking!

You see, my hope was there but I just chose not to see, instead I turned to others to try and satisfy my needs.

Like “here’s my number, let’s have a good time, call me tomorrow!” But as soon as the moment passed, the joy was gone and it was back to feeling sorrow.

You see, for years I looked to find in people something that I could never find. And one day I found myself asking, “is there any point to this life?”

I was so lost, broken, my life was torn. So many people surrounded me, yet I felt alone.

I tried filling that void by buying material things like, “maybe I’ll feel better if I buy myself some bling?”

It never worked though because I still had an appetite, and no matter what I bought or who I put beside me… I still felt unsatisfied.

Truth is I was hurting, and people didn’t know I was lying. And I was so good at hiding things that only God knew I was dying.

I was on a road headed to destruction and I wanted to do was kiss this world goodbye… but then I heard there was hope for me and it could be found in Jesus Christ.

They said He came for sinners, came to heal the sick, and He made blind people see. But could this Jesus really have it in Him and make something good out of me?

So with a broken heart and nothing else to lose, I opened up that bible and heard the good news.

He died for me on a cross and bore all of my sin. And by doing so gave me a chance at redemption and to truly live…

So I cried out to Jesus with all of my shame, I traded my sins for a cross and an abundance of grace!

I tore off my rear view mirrors forgetting my past and like the apostle Paul I went straight forward, no more looking back!

I broke the chains of satan with the sound of one name, and now I confess JESUS IS LORD AND WILL FOREVER REIGN!

In exchange for my poison He gave me a life filled with purpose and left me like new. If you give Him the opportunity, He could do the same for you!

I used to walk around lifeless, part of the walking dead before being resurrected! But I opened my eyes to see this world for what it is and I absolutely reject it!

I said goodbye satan, take your world, take your pain, and all your lies! There is hope for me in the one known as The Resurrection and the Life!

And there is hope for you too, for you He dangled on that cross. Don’t worry about where you’ve been… He’s come to save the lost.

You see, I was a mess when I came to Christ but because of His blood I’ll never be the same, so come as you are and be forgiven in Jesus name!

Because in Jesus’ name all chains are broken, and the dead come to life! Your sins are washed away through the blood of Christ!

So if you’re broken or hurting right now, you’re not in this alone. God has a purpose for you, there is a reason why you were born.

I found my purpose in this life, what about you? Open your heart up to Jesus and you can find yours too!

I say there is hope for you, but I am far from perfection. I’m just a sinner saved by grace that now points people in the same direction!

I’m just a messed up dude who found a physician and to preach the Gospel of Christ, IS NOW MY MISSION!

I no longer ask who am I? Or why am I here? Instead I picked up the Gospel and let go of my fears!

Now I wake the dead wherever I go, share them the gospel and tell them THERE IS HOPE.

Because there is hope! And I boldly say it’s in Jesus Christ! There is love waiting for you! And it could change… Your… life.

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