Is there a filter to hide shame?


More contrast here 

A bit of saturation there 

Is this an interesting way to stare?

What’s the correct stance for a bathroom pose? 

Does this shirt convey my knack for prose? 

It’s up to followers I suppose 

Do I need the approval? 

Do I need the affection? 

What kind of pants makes girls think "We might have a connection"?

If a picture is worth a thousand words 

Why did I only get five likes?

Maybe I should have posed on my bike

What color beanie displays integrity?

Should I care what Sparklejumprope23 said to me?

Well I don’t have boobs

And I don’t have a butt 

Though I swear I’m interesting!

Does this sweater sum that up?

There's more beyond this selfie you can’t see 

Like my ambitions, desires and dreams

I'd like to share these good parts of my name 

But I fear there is no filter to hide my shame

I have to admit sometimes I’m 



And weak 

And can’t help but feel the future is bleak 

I don’t do so well with rejection 

And I’m haunted when I let these thoughts of my ex in

I can’t help this obsession 

About genocide, dictators and the great recession!

It’s not that I’m psycho, unstable, or crazy 

I just don’t want you to see that I’m, well actually quite lazy 

But there are positive parts to me I swear 

Just look at this selfie of my perfect hair


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