Their Children's Graves


United States
27° 58' 23.5524" N, 82° 12' 14.3568" W

The day came when
the Sun did not shine,
the Rain would not fall,
and the Wind refused to blow.
The Planets wept
but ignored were the tears of these celestial bodies.
The Stars grieved the tragedy, their brilliance lost;
the clouds grew grim, dimming the sky.
The Trees howled, enraged by the injustice.
The Earth quaked in its sorrow.
Flowers wilted,
creatures fled,
as mankind buried their heads
in mournful shame.
"How can this be so?" they wonder
"Why does space itself tremble in wretched sadness?"
The World has finally had enough
No longer will it simply watch
as we look sheepishly on what we have produced,
Forget, and repeat.
In vengeance, it will punish,
as it cries before their graves.



This is a great poem! When I first read the title, I thought it would be about people, but then you write about how how the "parents" are the different aspects of the world, such as the sun and the planets. The reader of this poem definitely thinks about how we can only change the world for the better if we take a stand. Great job! Check out the "take action" section for great ideas for making social change!

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