Theatre of Dreams

There is a special place

A place to live out one's full potential

Away from the potent pills of soceity

From unesssary noriety

In turn igniting the passion inside he or she


A place where the crippled find faith

The mouth-warmed find grace

The Hedious is beautifull

The strangeness finds acceptance


Built at four, imaginatively

Conceived and belived simultaneously

Known that one be dammed before He or she feels the full ecstasy

The feeling so pure its heavenly


The seats glow but not as bright as heavens gate

The stage as wide as the smooth surface of a playing field


The lighting illuminating the area

Suffocating the darkness

resulting in the atmosphere that creates happiness

Of the net bulging

The ball moving

The rhythm gliding

The passion pulsing

In ways unexplained and unreplicated


That is my theatre

That is my theatre



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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