Theatre and the World


Theatre is my favorite sport, and it wasn’t until I was admitted into the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and began to develop a deeper comprehension of the art that I realized I can do what I love and contribute to society because of it. I put this knowledge to the test when, in my junior year at HSPVA, my Theatre teachers handpicked me to direct the Shakespeare play "Julius Caesar." The project taught me a lot about theatre, Shakespeare, and the importance of this craft. I then had the opportunity to apply what I’d learned to a play of my own when I was one of six student playwrights in Texas selected to participate in the Houston Young Playwright’s Exchange at the Alley Theater. I lived and breathed my play, "The God Erotic", for two months while it underwent workshops and critique and revisions, revisions, revisions. When, at the end of the process, I finally got to see the play on its feet with professional actors, I then understood why this art has endured for so long and why it is so vital to the human experience. A theater is someplace where people can come together as human beings and see the parts of society that need revisiting reflected back to them. Theatre changes minds and makes us see beyond our own lives. When I'm involved in these productions I feel like I am contributing to something bigger than myself, larger than life, and more necessary and important than ever. Directing "Julius Caesar" made me see the importance of bringing rich, heightened, relevant plays to a modern audience. Creating my own play made me want to keep putting in front of an audience the kind of theatre that I believe in, and steeled my determination to one day work as a theater’s artistic director.



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