That's Me

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:38 -- KDre


Keandre Melton

That's me

Came from a family of struggles and hardwork

That's me

Watching my mom struggle because she lost her job

That's me

Watching my mom cry just because she didnt know when the next time we was going to eat

That's me

diagnosed with heart failure at three

Yep you guessed it that's me

Living in a city where there's almost no way to make it out

Living in a world where i have to fight my own bouts

Now I'm 17 with a dream, trying to be successful to provide for my family

surrounded by good people and who dont envy me

Chasing my dreams to be the only second man to graduate college from my family

yes, That's me

lost oppotunites and dreams stays with my family,

but i always try my best to succeed, because this is my life,

and this is me



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