That's enough of that I think

Okay, that's enough of that

I think that my mind has finally had enough

of you

I'm so very done with your shit

(Pardon my language)

In truth, I'm not even sure if It's your shit I'm done with

(Pardon my language)


For those joining us that have not been informed about all my life decisions

I let a boy get cozy in my chest

He started out just touching my hand and playing in my hair

and that was all fine

Then he was cuddling my neck and holding my hips

also fine and good and lovely

But then, Dear god. But then I let him hunker down in my heart and suddenly

there was no going back

He was just there and I couldn't get him out

He's been making a mess in my lungs and hanging around in my throat

I feel like crying when he ambles his way into my head and pushes buttons he shouldn't

The worst part is, He doesn't even know that I hate him for it


I used to sit on the train with him, It was a long ride

He stood beside me and we just talked and talked and talked

One day I realized that all I wanted to do was see him, look at his smile

All I wanted to do was listen to him laugh and feel his warmth

All I wanted to do was be around him, sit among the stars of his constellations

All I wanted was to be the one

He smiled and told me that he loved my lips and longed to touch them

He breathed close to my ear and whispered things about the future

In return I grinned to see him standing in the hall or walking toward me without a care on his visage

I played with the things in his pockets and helped him learn the alphabet

I cared for him in my quiet way and asked him to hold my hand

We snuggled close together when we could find to seats together

He'd say provocative, boyish things and I'd giggle like a girl with a new reason

I knew somehow that I could love him if I didn't think too hard

One day he took me to the bookstore and that was the moment when I gave him the key to my rib cage

He smiled his crooked smile as I placed the thing in his hand

I felt the key dig deep into my sternum and I heard it click like the toll of a grave mistake


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