Thanks Mom

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 21:54 -- aavila

That train ride was the longest one in my life

The anticipation to be back home,

Or what used to be home

What I hoped could be home again

Some day


Walk into the past,

Living a foggy memory

Just outside the train I read the sign that I had my first kiss in front of

Or that’s what I told people happened


Walk out of Beachmont Station,  the first step

Then walk straight up the hill toward the church

My preschool, I met Jenna there, my old best friend

Her house

Within eyeshot

Maybe I should visit


At the bottom of the hill, take the street just to the left of Endicott Ave

It’s the fastest way there.

Pass the garden outside my preschool,

Take the next right onto Jones Road

Try not to puke

Then the next left onto Henry street,

Do not cry

Walk to the center of the street,



The red house on the right, or left,

There is only one red house

I never learned the difference


The one that’s falling apart

That one’s mine

Or, it was mine

Maybe it would be again someday

Maybe if i keep walking i won’t remember the 86 missed mortgage payments,


The bank isn’t too friendly when you don’t pay

But that’s okay, Boston is better anyways,

I guess...

Thanks mom.

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My family
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