I'm thankful for the little things,

No matter how small they may be.

But what I'm thankful for most of all,

Is the friendship of you and me.

To those from camp that are scattered so,

Around the world you roam.

But with memories and our favorite place,

You always feel like home.

To those from dance that have been with me,

Through all of the good and all of the bad,

You always know how to make me smile,

And for that I am most glad.

To those from school that challenge me,

To be my very best,

We wear our Mustang name with pride,

As it is better than the rest.

To those I have met across the years,

You've become a part of who I am today,

I've come so far because of you,

You've helped me on my way.

To those that are my family,

You always show that you care.

I love all of you more than you could ever know,

And I always know that you are there.

So I'm thankful for the little things,

Which have taught me who to be.

As it is only real friends and family,

Who could make me the best version of me.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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