I am thankful for the rude person who steals my parking spot making me park far away
I'm thankful for a car problem forcing me to walk to work
Because this shows me I CAN walk.
I am thankful for the broken hearts that I've pushed through
Thankful for the pain of a lost person
Because of this I KNOW how to love.
I am thankful for people who want nothing but the worst for me
Thankful for the friends who crossed me
For now I KNOW how to separate true friends from fake friends.
Thankful for the missed opportunities in my life
Thankful for all the things I've messed up
Because now I've LEARNED to be more cautious and aware.
I am thankful for the cold winters and hot summers
Thankful for the goose bumps from the cold wind and sweat dripping from my brow
Because of this I know I can FEEL.
I am thankful for this last year
Though much of it was difficult
I've learned how to LIVE.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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