Thank you (Talking about my Severe ADHD problem)

I thought I was alright and I was okay
But, let me tell you what I want to say
I heard I was restless and had low concentration
It was all true then I came to the realization
I was insane and needed medication
No friends here no friends there
I had no friends anywhere
could you blame them? No!
I am going to cut the crap and tell you what is going on
Mom and dad created a child
A child who screwed up thy existence
If it wasn't for you I would have been intelligent
It is not their fault but, yours that I am this way
And I still screw up my poor parents life till this day
I was bullied, hurt, and I had no brain to fight back
I am a coward who let herself get hurt
because of you and your stupidity
The only way out was a medication remedy
I would have been happy and successful
but your in the way of completing my dreams
your the one thing I truly hate in this world
I wish you were gone
Because of you my classmates thought I was insane
they never said hello or want to play a game
I was hurt by you, harrassed by 4
I hate you a lot do you want more?
your the worst part of my existence
Only medication is my resistance
I became majorly depressed
I have major depression because of you
if it wasn't for you my life would have been better
My thoughts became words and my words became a letter
Thank You

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