Thank you poetry


I walk out into the world searching for a sign

I walk out the door and thank god to be alive

As I go on and see the struggle

I cant help but think that I have to hustle

But instead I clear my mind

Find a pen,paper, and make some time

I let my words flow from the pen to the world

To every child whether boy or girl

Tupac , my only inspiration

But my poetry is my only motivation

Maybe one day it will change your veiw

Maybe one day it will save a kid or two

Until then Ill keep on going

Because nothing could stop my poetry from flowing

I write to be me and help others succeed

I write to send a message that your mind can be freed

Our lives are hard and its hard to carry on

But through poetry I can help you feel strong

Together you me and poetry

We will elimate the worst of things

So speak your mind and Ill do the same

Thank you Tupac from you my soul came


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