Thank You

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 20:47 -- lizross

Before you I could never be alone

He was always watching, listening

Never letting me go

Why do you do these things?

To which he simply responded

Because I love you


You tell me the same thing

Not for your own motives

But because you truly mean it


With you I am free

You encourage me to spread my wings

Not for you, but for me


Our conversations are simple and honest

Just as they should be

Not accusing each other

Of things we wish we could change

But talking for the joy of it


When I tell you I’m not ready

You respectfully understand

No pressure, no guilt

No, “just do it for me”


You have shown me how I should view myself

Beautiful, kind, and gentle

And for that I am grateful

Because without you, I wouldn’t see

The things you see within me


When I ask, “Why me?”

You list all the reasons

And conclude with a simple and sweet

Because I love you


I now realize such words are sacred

Not to manipulate or justify

But to express one’s most authentic affections


Thank you

For showing me how love should be

Healthy, strong, and full of warmth

Not overbearing and like a chore

And above all

For teaching me what the phrase “Because I love you”

Should really mean


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