We have been best friends since second grade

Now it’s the end of our freshman year

I don’t understand

It’s like you replaced me

With words on a screen

You make me want to scream

I hope this is just a bad dream

Your to busy texting to even care about what your best friend has to say.

You keep pushing me away

So I pray

That some day

You will realize that the people who love and care about you most

Are not just a picture on a screen

Before it’s too late and you lose the only person who was always there by your side

When you were upset

The only person who would stop to pick you back up onto your feet

When someone pushes you to the ground.

I hope you come around

To catch me before I fade away

And become a distant memory

So put down your phone and thank those who are always there for you every day

This poem is about: 
Our world


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