Texted Poetry

In thy dreams you’re sweeter than life it’s self

Thou art speak the tongue of love

Thou art sooth the worst of angers

And as my anger soothes my love for him shall grow

As the dark night reveals, blood shall spill

Thou make my soul crave for more

As if it a drug

And as it soars into my skin my strength for life reveals.

And as I bleed my thirst for you grows.

As that happens you lean in to give me my last kiss.

As you lay by my side.

As you kiss my beloved lips, I faint upon your arms.

And as you swept me off my feet.

You question my feelings.

And as we confess our love for one another.

Your beautiful words calm my senses.

As you hold me tight promising never to let go.

As I take in my last breath.

The world finds peace

Love is only the beginning

And it stands between us.

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