texas,don,g.nutt,59,poem,still mobbing

texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,still,mobbing, mobbing deep in this texas streets you know the name by now its fame no false claim as i mobb reaping texas magnolia soutern south side grooven my body straight moveing whats up to my family whats up to my playa potna,s nation wide beyounce you an jay z cardi,b 20 more an more steady mobbing dipping never slipping are tripping round for round clipping for this haters whp perpatrate the fame mobbing nine deep as i creep this texas 59 streets low speed above high im trying to be the next to touch the sky north east, south, an western west, side .mobbing with the magnolia hood lets get us strictly an really real understood im from the beaumont texas,59 hoods to good,poem,still mobbing,8-9-2019,

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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