The Terrible Rendition of the Tortoise and the Hare

Once upon a time, there existed a hare, who could win any race with his running flair. "I'll beat anyone, fair and square," the hare bragged to his fans without a care. As if on cue, a cheetah came along, confronting the hare and directing a menacing stare. The cheetah said, "Then prove it, if you care," backing the hare into an inescapable snare. The next morning, the two foes lined up for the race. The crowd of onlookers was packed, leaving very little space. When flare gun fired off, the hare muttered "Time to put this cat in its place." The last thing the bolting hare saw was the cheetah's face. His unstoppable momentum sealed his fate. "Yum - rabbit!" the cheetah exclaimed. "That trick sure worked great!" 

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Sorry, I am very inexperienced with rhyme scheme so this is probably a poem connoisseurs' nightmare. But I guess it is enough effort to enter me into that scholarship raffle. 

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