A Terrible Contradiction.


A terrible contradiction,

is what I find myself to be.


I'm a "people person"

I'm solitary.

I'm socially awkward.

I'm social.

I'm ambitious.

I'm lazy.

I'm a dreamer.

I'm a realist.

I can perform shows in front of hundreds,

but she baffles me.


A terrible contradiction, 

A healthy addiction,

A happy crucifixion,

A nonfiction piece of fiction.


My heart feels, my eyes see, my brain thinks

but none alike.

Crazy, a legless man on a bike.

A puzzle with no picture,

Hieroglyphics without a Rosetta Stone;

journeying mapless into an alien zone.


A terrible contradiction.


I love quiet,

but I hate silence.

I love the night time,

I'm scared of the dark.


A coral reef teeming with life and ambitions.

A watery abyss inhabited by only doubts and objections.

A terrible contradiction; 

an oxy moron.


It doesn't make sense


Maybe it won't ever.


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