T[ER]auma - pronounced (tier-rama)


captain O of the radio:

Everyone has some trauma they're dealing with


We become our own scientists

there to encapsulate it,

experiment with it

protect it.

our duty to find out what purpose it serves us and to others

Not to suppress it or ignore it

Because just like history, it is doomed to repeat itself

in the manifestation of other entities 

eventually we have to let it go.


Give it to the persistent caterpillars,

or the scurrying rats, 

ornaments of landfill dirt,

raw of the rough 

for diamonds were pressured




it becomes innate for us to relish in the image of triumph,

not the concern of ours to continue playing an old game

For long before the nurse maid was

A queen whom ruled over all

Benign with many stories untold

For she could maul over many men

Do it all over again.


What do you mean I'm not tough?

I was the hero who had enough

you had me mistaken as a bluff

i reiterate again and again

that i was in charge all along

it was just your input that

helped me look up

i wasn't feeling sorry for myself

not for anyone's sake

because i figured out life's unfair at the age of seven

and again when i had no one to depend in

it wasn their fault though

because only one of them was no foe

she was all that I need

so fuck ur Adam and Eve

it was construed for me to learn

I was always the snake, ok?

Let me take the blame


Our problems did not come from bare skin

It was the curiosity we could not let in

Do no come at me with your agape love

For i am Rapture, i am bioshock

because your judgments of tsks tsks are met with tic tocs

your time is not measured by what others perceive

but rather what you reveal

for your life is not going to lean

on your amphibian

need to sip tea

it will count on the good deeds

you let go unacknowledged

Cause Karma has a nice head,

damn she got curvature too

for the other side is just 

a fist bump and a twisted testicle,

just saying i got a hunch.


The queen was always penniless

stockless to the bone

for she was the first scientist

to experiment with the bonds

her first investors were the mortals

the ones foolish to get on board

that needed to turn

Around, in these circles

like these trains 

with no 

arrivals -


but they took one hell of a risk

to confront the eve and Her serpertine kid

from the sewers of New Babylon

come the mutant creatures 

destined to lead the ultimate expenditure of 

Gemena's peace


For her separate piece of mind 

never able to touch our maternal Earth

a project unfinished 

like rural Brooklyn or urban Old Dominion

you see? my mind is not just a turbulent

Pendelum, it refuses to play the victim

maybe you should start avoiding the mirror

only then will will you see your narcisstic rear

a rear at the highest low of the ego

not so flattering, not so regal

You have mistaken the meaning of a hustler,

misplaced the sewer rats from the lab ones

because t[ER]auma is not a torch

meant for everyone to light

however thanks for the extra sorrows and the tip

unreciprocated and unreplenished

for i will show you


in the power of your



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