Ten Years From Now

Dear Me

It’s been 10 years and hopefully, you’re in a better place than now.
Now, 10 years ago from where you are, it was hard.
A once special month called December called for the return of the people around you.
They were called back to the sky, and surely you remember you cried.
You cried and cried...
You made a song for a singer you looked up to.
You said goodbye for a friend you wish you could’ve held onto.


December, the month of snow, gifts, and laughter,
Was spent standing, wearing black and holding flowers.
A reunion of friends around his casket,
And connections rebuilt over texts about the headlines of a suicide.
Not one tear was shed until after you said goodbye.


After we said goodbye.


And we moved on with our life, determined to finish strong,
Moving along on unsteady feet to a destiny so blurry I’m not sure if we saw it.


Did we see it?


You tell me.


Dear Me, ten years from now


I hope you’re happy.
I hope you’re loving your life.
I hope you're surrounded by warmth and friends, with family close by.
I hope we managed to be satisfied with ourselves.


With myself.


Dear Me, ten years from now


I’m crying
I’m lonely


But I’ll still smile


Forever, truly, and only

You, ten years ago

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