My mamma always told me that, everything that glitters isn't gold

Isn't that the cold truth, though?


In a world full of desires, and lies

It’s easy to get wrapped up

All it takes

 Is that lost of control, and that feeling of need

I need love, I feel neglected, and I deserve more.


The danger of ecstasy, the kiss and foreign touch of a stranger

Is it all worth the possibility of loss?


Loss, of your partner, job, finances, and yourself.


Passion destroys and exhumes power over the senses,

See, taste, touch, feel and smell the anxiety of regret.


A typhoon of emotions

With the rush of colors

Seems like a party with molly


Till the world is turned upside down for three days

Temptation, is Lusts little sister


And that bitch is mean and pretty

Is all up to you, on how you respond to her.



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