Temporary Dreams

Do you ever wish you could go back to sleep?
A place where you've already achieved
All your hopes and dreams?
Do you ever wish you could be asleep
Instead of being awake,
And wanting to scream?
Where you have boring
To do
To no avail?
Things that make you want to wail?

Remember back in kindergarten
When you didn't want to sleep?
You didn't want to be passive
Than just being
Being awake
Being alive
Being able to genuinely smile
Because you were happy back then

These days,
You hardly ever feel that way
Except for every once in a while
And true happiness
Seems miles away
Every smile is fake
Life now has too many risks to take
And you always end up making a mistake

But life these days seems to lack
And even though you now long for sleep
You've since become an insomniac
Don't you wish you could go back?
Back to the times when taking a nap
Was your biggest setback
In life?
And not the temptation
To learn about your afterlife?

They say that hindsight
Is 20/20
But isn't it kind of funny
How we wanted to grow up so fast
Not even realizing
That our childhood wouldn't last?
It's really scary
Coming to the realization
That in this life
Everything is only temporary

All of your hopes and dreams
Are now buried
In your childhood
Your dreams
Of being a fairy
Or a superhero
Are gone for good

But sadly
That's the way it was meant to be
For everything in this life
Is only temporary

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