A teens town divided: North versus South

A town divided I understand I see a town divided you know, you against me 

South side getting the short ride of a long route that never seems to stop 

Our streets hoarded with paper as far as the eye can see 

Always watching in plain sight you’ll never know til the end just check the book shop,you’ll see 


Shooting everywhere you turn all in cold- blood 

Then the news outlet picks it up “it  was an accident just tragic” like yeah right I caught this but the only thing that stuck out is where he came from not what he aspired for

My south side is consisted of the real world with everyday struggles nothing to unimaginable or all those realities would have been pushed into the mud

Then you go over to the north side where it’s obvious all the money is spent you could never even the score


Their high school’s look like colleges the air is so clean that it makes you want to let down your window and let the sun shine on your face 

Their kids have the best resources and opportunities and for us it’s only something to dream for 

While we pray to get into college they put in no effort and this time it has a lot more to do with race 

People always say their kids are smarter when all we need is more people willing to put in time and effort to just be a mentor 


Things have always been this way and no matter what we do nothing seems to change 

As I have already said we are a town divided and nobody in local government sees an issue with this to them there’s nothing to rearrange 


This poem is about: 
My community


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