The Teenage Years


Fear, always hindering me, preventing

Me from getting anywhere, leaving me empty

Handed, in the middle of nowhere, I'm stranded.

Whispers telling me I’ll never be good enough,

The pressure to be perfectly thin, reminding

Me that no matter how hard I try,

I can’t win. Perfection,

A disease known to this generation;

Never satisfied with who we are,

Always trying to reach that high status bar.

A teenager filled with hopes and dreams,

Yet filled with fear, scared of constant

Rejection, scared to accept love and affection.

Constantly waiting, behind a red, thick curtain,

Stricken with fear, and anger at her lack of

Audacity, yet knowing she has enough capacity.

Low self-esteem, hatred of my own reflection, knowing

I’ll never be close to perfection.


“How will I ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” this

World is everything but loving.

Stuck in a labyrinth, with no way out,

All I want to do is shout.

Tired of attempting to comply with society,

Everyday filled with anxiety.

Living to die and dying to live,

So young, so damaged,

All your hopes and dreams are vanished.

I’m stuck behind a red curtain, alone and afraid,

Never able to speak my mind, to say what I feel,

This void is just too real.

I hope for a future where I open the curtain,

Where I am brave enough to speak my mind,

 A world where I won’t feel left behind.


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