What is a team?

I was told that it was a group of people working together

A place where the motto was never say never

Where winning was the treasure

But I realized that was something that wasn’t clever

I realized that a team was everybody that was ready to get on the scene with the gangsta lean

Be able to play ya cards right and bring home the dough by going and performing a show

And be able say yea we won though

And when a team loses be able to take the L and grow

Be able to accept defeat

Instead of being disrespectful you would greet

When ya paper ripped you would grab another sheet

When ya enemy try to speak you be like please !

After thinking about it every word in team seems to agree

I can make tame, mate, and meat

Meat, welcome to the streets

Be able to handle what you asked for and take the heat

Guilty is what you plead

Mate, nahh I aint talking about ya date, but be able to kill all that hate because if you down for me and UHS be ready to clean up the mess

Tame, people say basketball, football, baseball and all other sports are games but they really aint, it’s a life so be able to pass down the ball to younger greats. Teach them to be a better sportsman than thy self. You may can’t give them your health but sure can give them help.

We all have to grow up. Because at this point, enough is enough. Everyday we moving for good-to-great. When you came here to Uni this was your fate. People may say you hopped a dangerous gate. But if you ain’t know, too bad you late

Give your all everyday

Respect all people in each and every way

Endure through the hard times even why you don’t have a clue how to

Achieve at the highest level it ain’t nothing new, because you shouldn’t be doing nothing but…

Transforming the world around you!


We UHS, We the best, we never second guessed, all we did was flexed and finessed, at times we weren’t blessed, and didn’t be the best dressed, but we held up our chest and we killed it and aggressed, there will never be no stress,

But I’m tired now, I can no longer transgress,

Just know when it is all said and done we will all be screaming

“WE WON”!!!!!



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