The Teachings of Poetry

Mon, 06/04/2018 - 11:19 -- Nailah

Poetry has taught me to be free,
To be completely me,
Poetry told me, "Don't worry about this or that."
Poetry whispered in my ear and said,
"Don't worry at all. My darling when you write it out you will feel calm, at ease, at peace."
I am happy that poetry came into my life and swept me off my feet.
At such an early age, I realized the pen has power.
The pen can curate my dreams and boost my self-esteem.
Poetry said to me, "With me you can never be wrong and I will never lead you astray."
I told Poetry, "I love you and I am glad you love me too."
When I write I can be myself,
I can be what God made me to be.
I have no specific reason as to why I am who I am
But through the pen I can figure it out
Think it through
Let it sink in
And I can shine in my truest form
I can never go wrong with poetry.
I write what I feel,
I write what I can't say,
I write about the feelings of each day,
The pen has healed me
The paper renews me
Through my poems I can feel a new me.



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