Teachers that Taught me When they Weren't my Teachers


Teachers teach us all different things

There's English teachers

And Spanish teachers

Some who teach math

And some who teach science

Others teach us the history of our world


But these

These things that teachers

Drill into our heads

Will get us to our path of success


But they are not things

That will protect us

As we travel down the rocky road

Will not guide us

When we have no light

Will not help

In our time of need


The real teachers in life

Are those who teach us

To be our self

Cause within our self

We have a shield made from happiness

A guide of confidence

A lantern of faith

And a bandage of sympathy


The real teachers in our life

May not be teachers at all

Not fairy tale role models

Or famous people

They could be a friend

A family member

Or just a random person on the street


I guess what I’m trying to say

Is that teachers teach in all different ways

Some by speech

Others by experience

And some by their simple existence


Cause the lessons that they teach

Are far more useful

Then a formula

To get the parabola

Of a y equals equation

Those are the real teachers

We need to thank

Because while they may not know

They helped us grow



So from my heart

That’s been torn apart

Bandage and burned

Heartened and hurt

The things that heals

And the things that decay

All open up to a knew day




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